Transport for Buckinghamshire

Our partnership with Buckinghamshire County Council is our longest running contract, with Transport for Buckinghamshire celebrating its 10 year anniversary in 2019.

Buckinghamshire is a county of mixed and vibrant environments; the vast and beautiful Aylesbury Vale in the north neighbours the bustling Wycombe and Chiltern areas, where the M25 meets the M40 and commuters enjoy easy access to the Metropolitan tube line. Connecting everything is the highway network – Buckinghamshire’s largest asset – and it’s Transport for Buckinghamshire’s responsibility to keep it safe and serviceable for our customers: the county’s residents and businesses. 

Focused on local delivery, we work closely with our Client and elected Members to continually improve the service and identify how things can be done differently, which has delivered year-on-year efficiency savings.

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8 year + 7 year extensions

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