Drawing upon expertise from global partners to complement our own extensive resources and capability, we design, create and maintain world-class, safe, efficient and environment-friendly highway infrastructure for local authorities. Our model is one of service ownership and local employment resulting in ‘right first time’ service delivery.

We combine the latest technology and ideas with our core values of integrity, collaboration and excellence. We embrace innovation, diversity and agility to move with the times towards a truly sustainable future. And supported by expertise and experience of our global partners, we offer truly integrated highway services.

In a rapidly changing world, we are not afraid to be first.

Our Story

Ringway Jacobs (RJ) was formed in 2005 to deliver integrated highways management and maintenance and civil engineering services to local authority clients.

Our proven track record of success is supported by an enviable ‘reach-back’ capability to the expertise, skills and resources of our shareholder companies, Eurovia and Jacobs leaving us uniquely placed to design and deliver complex schemes and to offer additional capacity, capability and value to our clients. All our contracts, by their very nature, are based on collaboration with integrated teams co-located with our clients.

With many of our team from a public sector background, we understand the challenges faced by local authorities today and in the future. We also recognise the need to provide the best value services with public money. And what’s more, we offer practical, innovative and sustainable solutions to meet that challenges.

Vision and Values

Integrity. Collaboration. Excellence.

From these cornerstones we create and operate class-leading highways infrastructure and networks providing safe and sustainable service excellence.

We are a trusted partner to our clients, delivering to the communities we serve through:

  • Enabling digital technology – we apply leading digital transport solutions to make journeys easier.
  • Creating social value – we have a low carbon footprint and provide safe, sustainable services that add value to local communities.
  • Innovation, diversity and agility - we shape and respond to the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing world.
  • Local services and global expertise - we act locally with access to world leading expertise and best practice in design, construction and maintenance.


We want to be the best at what we do both now and in the future. That means working with clients to embrace the very latest technologies and practices. It means a diverse and agile workforce who, supported and equipped with the very latest technology and data, share our values and commitment to providing the very best services to local authorities.


Bringing together world leaders in professional engineering and highway construction to provide agile and best-value highway services.

VINCI Construction Holding Limited

VINCI Construction Holding Limited is a 50% shareholder in Ringway Jacobs Limited. 

 Our UK group, through Ringway, Ringway Jacobs and BEAR Scotland has responsibilities for operating, maintaining and improving more than 50,000kms of the UK’s highway and road infrastructure networks, through the delivery of many specialist highway related services – from network management, asset management, reactive / cyclical / major maintenance, including highway and material design, through carriageway and footway construction with surfacing, structures maintenance / repair / replacement.

Offering best practice services through local solutions which make an impact in the communities in which they operate, our businesses take pride in offering a dedicated, flexible approach which supports clients, and is underpinned by the recruitment, development and retention of a locally based workforce and a close community of trusted supply-chain partners.

VINCI Construction Holding Limited ultimately forms part of VINCI SA, a world leader in concessions, construction and energy, active in nearly 120 countries. VINCI’s ambition, in response to the climate emergency, is to accelerate the transformation of living environments, infrastructure and mobility; VINCI also aims to foster social progress, exemplify inclusion and forge a more sustainable world as a private sector partner working in the public interest.


With 55,000 people in 40 countries, Jacobs is a global leader in engineering making the world smarter, more connected and more sustainable At the heart of its operations and ethos is enhancing social value. 

Jacobs' Climate Action Plan, launched in April 2020, details how the company will continue to make a positive environmental, societal and economic difference for businesses, governments and communities around the world.

Client Partners

We currently work with four local authorities taking cumulative responsibility for approximately 10,000 miles of highway, 8,000 miles of footway and 7,000 miles of public right of way. We bring our values of integrity, collaboration and excellence to each contract and though innovation, access to global expertise and maximising opportunities, we deliver excellent highway services while improving the environment and generating real social value that leaves a positive and lasting legacy.

Essex Highways

Our Essex Highways contract is an award-winning, long-term partnership with Essex County Council, one of the largest non-Metropolitan shire counties in the UK. Working as an integrated team we manage, maintain and improve Essex County Council’s highway assets while supporting the county’s strategic growth, wellbeing and environmental aims aligning our services closely with the council’s ‘Everyone’s Essex’ vision

Working closely with the council, Ringway Jacobs has successfully brought a number of new approaches to highway management in the county. These have included the pioneering use of drones to make inspections, the use of environment-friendly bamboo and plastic piling (link to case study below) and an innovative approach to improving air quality, the trial of eco-friendly site welfare units and a world-first solution to bridge strengthening by using a bespoke lining system.

Case Study: Orchard Footbridge

Case Study: Graphene

Cheshire East Council Highways

Our Cheshire East Highways contract delivers safe, efficient and innovative highway services and award-winning infrastructure projects across the borough. Here too, we have won awards for our attention to safety and environmental concerns including a leading role in an innovative and major project to transform Castle Street, a pedestrian area in Macclesfield.

The Cheshire East contract has also successfully innovated in areas including solar and electric plant and equipment as well as mobile crushers (with dust suppression) to process and recycle excavated highway material on site so it can immediately form the sub-base of the new footway. This reduces road miles and carbon emissions.

We have also included the recycling of materials and wildflower verge planting as part of a recent major project to reconstruct and resurface 750 km of the A51 Nantwich Road.

Case Study: Castle Street, Macclesfield


We do what we do because we want to provide high quality, innovative services that reflect our values and look after the world and people around us. But, of course, were delighted for our clients and our staff to have our efforts noted. Below are some of the awards our projects have recently earned.


Collaboration is about seamless working with our clients. But it is also about forging links with the wider community and with the organisations that can help develop our staff as well as keeping safety at the heart of what we do. From support for those leaving military service to those leaving school, we work with partners who help us set and maintain the highest standards. Some examples include:

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