Our expertise has been shaped from the past but is driven by the future. We are part of a global family of companies and we collaborate with – and draw expertise from - industry partners who are leaders in their fields across the world. But we also have great capacity for self delivery – which means we can draw on our own considerable Ringway Jacobs resources reducing the need to sub-contract which provides consistency of service, resilience and best value.

Innovation for our clients

Using the latest ideas, approaches and technology from our local partners as well as those around the globe, we continually innovate to ensure our services are as effective, efficient, safe and as environmentally sound as they can be.

Our award-winning approach has seen us pioneer noise-reducing resurfacing material and trial all-electric work sites We’ve changed the way we work to increase recycling and reduce both waste and unnecessary journeys. We also work with partners to formulate and implement new policies that will help us achieve a sustainable future.



We are an integrated service provider with a self-delivery model enhanced by vertical integration with our shareholders and supported by local supply chain partners. From design all the way through to completion and maintenance - we bring both professional and operational expertise to our clients with work smart systems and extensive resources and capabilities enabling us to provide 20-30% more efficiency.

Crucial to this is our place within a family of businesses that means we are able to filter the global expertise of our shareholders and partners right down to local level - using local supply chains wherever we can.

This vertical integration enhances our ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions while maintaining customer focus, a transparent, cost-effective commercial approach and consistent quality outcomes. With many of our staff from public sector backgrounds, we bridge the space between private sector agility and the democratic structures of a local authority.

Asset management

At Ringway Jacobs we take an intelligence-led approach with smart use of data and asset information, a proven digital capability and experience of integration. This approach provides a best-value solution through a combination of effective whole-life asset management and proven operations and maintenance delivery. We work extensively with leading highway technology providers and integrate these technologies to provide seamless, whole-life, asset management solutions.

Our offer

We create class-leading highways infrastructure and operate local authority networks providing safe and sustainable service excellence.

We offer a full spectrum of consultancy and contracting services always committed to quality outcomes and adhering to – and often exceeding - professional and industry standards.


We have nearly 820 employees across our UK contracts. We recognise that a skilled, safe and supported workforce is crucial to the delivery of our values of excellence, integrity and collaboration. We also take great care to nurture and invest in our people creating promotion and career development opportunities throughout the organisation. Ringway Jacobs is a proud member of the 5% Club - a dynamic movement working to promote earn-while-you-learn skills training opportunities. We have also achieved the highly prestigious Gold Award in the UK Defence Employer Recognition Scheme for our commitment to supporting the Armed Forces Community. We are proud to have employed a number of forces veterans as we recognise the value they, reservists and military families bring to our business.

You can learn about current vacancies here.

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Our work across the UK is making a positive difference providing clients with lasting highways solutions that are cost-effective, safe and sustainable. With innovation and social value at the core of what we do, we are proud that our work today will leave a positive legacy for communities in the future.

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