Bucks Mind make-over

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Bucks Mind make-over

As part of our Corporate Responsibility Foundation, Transport for Buckinghamshire staff took part in a ‘DIY SOS’ style makeover at Bucks Mind, getting to grips with the overgrown garden and car park.

Bucks Mind is an independent charity located in Aylesbury’s old town which supports and represents local people with mental health needs. It offers a wide range of services including confidential counselling, available to everyone regardless of background and it is also responsible for its own funding and the services it provides.

The team felt all their hard work was rewarding, as it made a real difference to the Bucks Mind facility by making it a nicer place to be for the clients who needed their service.

The Bucks Mind staff were quite emotional at seeing the transformation and all the hard work was very much appreciated by them!

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