Company News: LINC - A Brighter future for Street Lighting

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Ringway and Ringway Jacobs are bringing together their collective street lighting and electrical experience to launch a new single operating division, LINC (Lighting Innovations and Network Connections).

LINC will have overarching responsibility for all combined street lighting and lit street furniture operations, as well as facilitate the cross company utilisation of both the design and technical services business (offered by Ringway Jacobs) and the ICP service (offered by Ringway).

LINC will ensure best practice is adopted across all contracts and offer a performance management framework to ensure best value for clients.

Bill Taylor, Ringway Managing Director, said: “By combining both organisations complementary strengths, we can nurture and build upon the huge inherent expertise and talent we have in both Ringway and Ringway Jacobs which has propelled us to the third largest provider of street lighting in the country in the last three years. We welcome this new direction and trust everyone will embrace LINC as we look to build upon our shared successes.”

Mike Notman, Ringway Jacobs Managing Director, said: “It will be the responsibility of LINC to solidify and build on this position and ensure that we bring together expertise across all of our contracts to ensure we are seen by our clients as specialist street lighting providers who deliver best value and innovative solutions.”

Furthermore, LINC will help ensure best practice is shared and implemented, as well as help to diversify so that future bidding activities deliver new works in this growing energy related sector. LINC will operate out of London and over the coming weeks, the LINC management team will make arrangements to visit every contract in order to present the new model and to discuss the practical benefits it will provide.

LINC will not operate as a P&L cost centre. Current contracts will retain responsibility for P&L under the governance structure and strategy of LINC.

A brochure is in development which will explain the interface of LINC with the contracts, along with a FAQ sheet which can be used for briefing both staff and clients.

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