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Swapping a suit for overalls, LoHAC Contract Director Mark Averill, together with five Ringway Jacobs apprentices, got their hands dirty to help improve the local community centre run by the Selby Trust.

Based in Tottenham, the Selby Trust is a multi-purpose Centre led by the community and third sector organisation to improve community facilities, promote safety and encourage economic and environmental development.

Our enthusiastic volunteers helped transform the drab old rooms and lifts with a fresh lick of paint and put their skills, developed at Ringway Jacobs, to good use by filling some of the Centre’s car park pot holes.

Michael Mullins, of the Selby Trust said, “They went above and beyond in their work to help, despite the bad weather! I am so grateful and they should be very proud of what they have achieved today."

Ringway Jacobs additionally made a donation of £100 and hope to work with the community Centre in the future.

Ringway Jacobs employees with Michael Mullins of The Selby Trust

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