Highways contributes to ADEPT win

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Highways contributes to ADEPT win

A Multi-Agency Partnership approach to flooding, which included Essex Highways, has won a top national award for work undertaken in Canvey Island. 

The agencies, led by Essex County Council as the Lead Local Flood Authority, collaborated on the Canvey Island flood alleviation project, and had their work recognised by The Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport (ADEPT), at the ADEPT national awards ceremony on 31 January. 

The flood alleviation project was in response to a significant surface water flood incident on 20 July 2014, when a ‘Wembley Stadium’ of water fell on the Island. The partnership’s aim has been to raise awareness of flood risk, and increase the resilience of Canvey Island’s communities and businesses to flooding. 

Since the incident, Essex Highways and its partner agencies surveyed over 5,000 gullies and 2,500 manholes, finding 1,800 defects in the drainage system. Jetting and CCTV surveying on 3.6km of the drainage network took place and over £2 million has been spent updating the island’s infrastructure since 2013. 

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