No puddles at playtime in Ickford, thanks to TfB

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No puddles at playtime in Ickford, thanks to TfB

Last winter Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) held a competition for the school children of Buckinghamshire, challenging them to write and perform a song or poem about winter road safety. 

They had loads of brilliant entries, but the winning entry was a fantastic, informative rap by year six at Ickford School, Aylesbury. The children wrote and performed their rap, then uploaded the video to YouTube and sent TfB the link. Their initiative was well rewarded and the prize was a newly resurfaced playground for all the school to enjoy.

Whilst the children were on half tern, the TfB team gave the playground a makeover, taking up approximately 120 metres squared of the old surface, which was in a poor state of repair, and replacing it with a smooth new one.

Deputy head teacher, Dawn Basnett, expressed the teachers’ and children’s gratitude for the works: “The children and staff are delighted now that we have a puddle free playground. It has really made a difference to break times, especially when it has rained. A huge thank you to the team at Transport for Buckinghamshire, from us all at Ickford School.”

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