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Buckinghamshire County Council has won the prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for the most improved road in Britain. Ringway Jacobs, operating as Transport for Buckinghamshire, has been responsible for the delivery of the highways service to the County Council since 2009. The scope of services provided includes the analysis of accident data and the identification, development and implementation of safety improvements across the local road network.

The Award is intended to recognise organisations who have made a significant improvement in road safety. Within Buckinghamshire, a 6km length of the A404, between M25 and Amersham, was classified as a medium-high risk route, with 12 serious collisions over a two year period. Following a detailed analysis of the route, a suite of safety improvement measures were identified, each targeted to address a specific local problem. Together, these greatly improved the safety of the road which resulted in the route risk classification being reduced to low for the period 2010 to 2012. This was the most improved route in Britain in terms of casualty reduction over this period.

Of the Award, Mike Notman, Managing Director of Ringway Jacobs said “We are very proud to have significantly improved the safety of this route through the adoption of innovative solutions and our commitment to delivery which has resulted in the winning of this prestigious Award.”

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