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An influx of Graduates and Apprentices into Ringway Jacobs has underlined their commitment to developing young talent in the industry.

The organisation already had an industry leading 5% of its workforce as Apprentices working across its four contracts - Transport for Buckinghamshire, Cheshire East Highways, Essex Highways and the London Highways Alliance framework – but with the 46 Apprentices and seven Graduates who have joined this month, this takes the total to 90, or 9% of its workforce, putting Ringway Jacobs as the market leader in employing young talent.

With a shortage of Engineers, Operatives and Technicians across the industry, Graduates and Apprentices play an important role in the continuous development of any organisation. Offering young people work across an array of roles, from Fleet and Finance, to Maintenance Operations, Civil Engineering and Quantity Surveying, Ringway Jacobs is helping to develop young people and to retain them within the industry. All of the Graduates and Apprentices are local to the contracts they work on, so helping support local employment and once they have successfully completed their training, they are all offered a permanent contract to remain within Ringway Jacobs.

Ringway Jacobs is now also a member of ‘The 5% Club’, an organisation which encourages companies to sign up to 5% of their UK workforce, over the next five years, being made up of young people on structured training such as Apprenticeship and Graduate schemes. With the high numbers of young people working across the organisation, Ringway Jacobs had already surpassed the 5% goal and this has now increased to 9% - the highest percentage of young talent within the sector. Indeed, almost 15% of the workforce working on the Cheshire East Highways contract are Apprentices.

Mike Notman, Managing Director of Ringway Jacobs said “It’s a great achievement to reach our 1,000th employee and I’m delighted that it coincides with our new Graduates and Apprentices starting with us. We are proud to invest in our Graduates and Apprentices, as they play a major part in developing our pipeline of talent for the future. In an ever-developing industry, it is critical that we invest in young people who bring fresh thinking and make the best use of technology and innovation. By offering all of our Graduates and Apprentices a permanent contract at the end of their training, we are ensuring the future development and success of our company.”

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Ringway Jacobs is a private sector company delivering integrated highways management and maintenance contracts for local authorities in the UK. The company provides an extensive range of services from asset management, road network maintenance and construction to network management design and transport planning. Our vision is to deliver best-in-class integrated services for highway management, maintenance and operations and are committed to working in partnership, providing sustainable development and delivering a high quality service.

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