Ringway Jacobs driving down service strikes

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Ringway Jacobs driving down service strikes

As part of their drive to eliminate service strike incidents, Ringway Jacobs has introduced dedicated Utility Services Technicians to each of their five contracts. Provided with the latest technology available for locating underground services, the Utility Services Technicians are experienced operatives with detailed knowledge of safe digging practices. 

As well as having a major impact on safety, service strikes cost the highways industry millions of pounds in associated damages and compensation costs each year, while causing untold inconvenience to residents and road users. As well as providing assistance in the accurate location and marking out of utility apparatus on site, the Utility Services Technicians will also contribute to the project design with the aim of eliminating excavation where practicable, while promoting safe behaviour and driving forward continuous improvement in safe digging. 

Of the Utility Services Technicians, Mike Notman, Ringway Jacobs’ Managing Director said “Safety is at the heart of everything we do at Ringway Jacobs. We are focused on providing a safe environment for our employees and the expertise and knowledge our new Utility Services Technicians offer ensures that we are developing a culture where everyone is accountable for working safely and controlling risk.”

The Utility Services Technicians are highly visible in their bespoke liveried vehicles and can be easily identified on site by their unique PPE.

The distinctive Ringway Jacobs Utility Services Technicians vehicles

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