Ringway Jacobs joins forces with Buildforce to support the recruitment of ex-military personnel into the construction industry

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Ringway Jacobs joins forces with Buildforce to support the recruitment of ex-military personnel into the construction industry

Ringway Jacobs have recently signed up to an alliance with BuildForce, whose vision is to inspire and enable ex-service personnel to pursue long-term careers in construction. Around 14,000 people leave the Armed Forces each year, many of whom are not aware of the opportunities available within the construction industry. Buildforce aims to close this gap by introducing ex-armed forces personnel to existing roles within construction.

Mike O’Neill, Managing Director at Ringway Jacobs commented, “As an Armed Forces friendly organisation, we are delighted to have formed an alliance with Buildforce to further the recruitment of Armed Forces personnel into our organisation. Ringway Jacobs signing of the charter is a pledge of our support to Buildforce’s programme and the Armed Forces.”

As a leading integrated services provider for highways management, maintenance and operations, Ringway Jacobs has a wide range of roles available that suit the many skills acquired by ex-armed forces personnel. The organisation welcomes a diverse range of skills and talent with opportunities to learn and develop skills through training. Current roles include Business Support, Quantity Surveyors and Engineers including assistants, Commercial Account Managers, Team Leaders, Highways Operatives, Supervisors and Technicians in Road Safety. 

For more information on available roles look here: ringway-jacobs.co.uk/opportunities 

Ringway Jacobs recently recruited Michael O’Mara through BuildForce and he shares his transition from being PO AWW (Petty Officer, Above Water Weapons) in the Royal Navy into the construction industry as an Operatives Supervisor: 

What skills do you use in your day job? 

“Being safety critical, everything we do on the Highways has a step by step logical criteria. Some jobs involve activities that can place workers at risk. This could be operating a power tool for example or placing traffic management out on the road. It is important to adhere to company policies and procedure to minimise the risk of injury.”

Which of these skills do you see as being transferable from your military career?

“Problem solving. We often have to adapt the way we work due to problems we encounter. This could be a wide range of things from vehicle or machinery defects, manpower shortages or severe weather. All of these must be worked around in the safest possible manner and with minimal impact on the job itself.”

What advice would you give to someone who is leaving the Armed Forces and seeking a new career in construction?

“Secure a work placement and start to build a relationship with a company you want to work for. Target courses you want to invest in and speak to someone doing the job you want to do before making that decision.”

Ringway Jacobs continue to encourage the pool of talent of ex-armed forces personnel into their organisation and look forward to strengthening their relationship with Buildforce. 

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