RSPCA praise for highways partnership that reunites deceased pets with owners

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RSPCA praise for highways partnership that reunites deceased pets with owners

Ringway Jacobs has teamed up with the RSPCA to introduce new technology that helps to re-unite domestic animals killed on the roads with their owners.

Following an initial partnership in Central Bedfordshire with its local Bedfordshire South RSPCA branch, Ringway Jacobs has agreed to roll out the Halo technology to all its other integrated highways contracts in East Cheshire, Essex and Buckinghamshire.

The move has been praised by the national RSPCA who are encouraging other highways authorities to follow Ringway Jacobs.

The hand-held technology works by scanning a pet’s microchip and details can then be sent to the branch to pair the details with any missing animals. If a match is found identifying the animal, then its owners can be informed and the pet reunited with them.

Prior to using the device, local highways teams had to rely on members of the public reporting missing pets to them directly.

Alison Catling, performance manager with Ringway Jacobs’ Central Bedfordshire team said: “The loss of a pet is extremely difficult - even more so if we don’t get to say goodbye in our own way.

“Unfortunately pets are killed in traffic accidents and it falls to organisations such as Ringway Jacobs to re-unite deceased animals with their owners. Using the Halo technology we can swiftly return chipped animals to their owners which allows them to say their goodbyes.”

Phil Horton, managing director of Ringway Jacobs said: “We are always happy to utilise technology that helps us provide the best possible service to our clients and those who use the highway network.”

A spokesperson for the national RSPCA said: "Sadly, countless animals are found dead on roads each year - with the fate befalling many loved family pets unknown to the owners. This agonising uncertainty is deeply distressing for many families.

"That's why it is really fantastic to see highway service providers like Ringway Jacobs rolling out this technology across its contracts and we'd urge other highway providers to follow suit for the sake of pets and their families." 

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