Safety and Sustainability Innovation Day held as part of Ringway Jacobs A51 Improvement Scheme in Cheshire East

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Safety and Sustainability Innovation Day held as part of Ringway Jacobs A51 Improvement Scheme in Cheshire East

Cheshire East Highways, an integrated highways services contract working on behalf of Ringway Jacobs, recently undertook a major improvement scheme on the A51 through Nantwich. The A51 is a strategic route in Cheshire East and is known for carrying very high levels of traffic, particularly haulage traffic from ports at Holyhead and Liverpool. This is a very big scheme for Cheshire East Council and impacts on thousands of journeys. 

The purpose of the scheme was to stabilise the road through reconstruction, as well as replace the drainage system and safety barriers whilst improving the overall condition of the road. Key statistics of the project are as follows:

• The excavation spanned 680 linear metres, with 4,000 tonnes of material removed during the dig with a target of zero waste removed to landfill.

• Over 1km of drainage network replaced along with new kerbs and 48 new gullies installed.

• The existing safety barrier has been replaced to ensure continued protection for the future.

• Full resurfacing of both sides of the road covering 6,500 square metres.

A 16-week closure was put in place with works completed on schedule mid-December 2021, a great achievement by all those involved in the scheme. 


A51 Site: Safety and Sustainability Innovation Day 

On Wednesday 8 December, Cheshire East Highways, Cheshire East Council Highways and Transport Committee Chair and key Supply Chain partners Amberon, Pronin, L&R Roadlines and Gap, attended a Safety and Sustainability Innovation Day focussing on the A51 improvement scheme. 

The purpose of the day was to meet in a live site environment where industry experts showcased innovations of how site safety can be enhanced in a sustainable way. It was also important to understand the key challenges and issues the teams face and to identify how Ringway Jacobs use collaboration to find solutions that make our sites safer and to operate in the most sustainable way by putting additional measures in place. 

Key themes involved enhanced site safety, control of traffic speeds, carbon reduction and safety innovation. Supply Chain partners showcased new approaches and technology that included:

• Highways Resource Solutions including enhanced gate systems for closure points that can be managed remotely. During the scheme, traffic management progressed with the implementation of white gates, proven to change driver behaviour by enhancing visibility of the road closure.

• Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) manufactured from recycled materials.

• Amberon showcased their online training hub, that will enable our workforce to undertake necessary training remotely.

• Gap demonstrated the Ecosmart Solar Van which produces 90% less emissions than a standard welfare van by using hydrogen fuel whilst also reducing noise and fuel costs. 

Phil Horton, Managing Director at Ringway Jacobs said, “I am pleased to be able to be a part of an organisation that puts the safety of our people first. The combination of sustainable ways of working introduced through innovations and technology in highways and our people, is what makes our organisation thrive”

The innovation day took place in a designated area of the site whilst the improvement works continue. Ringway Jacobs continue to manage highways schemes across Cheshire East on during their 15-year contract with Cheshire East Council, to make the roads safer and more accessible for the public.

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