TfB donates equipment to Guide Dogs charity

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TfB donates equipment to Guide Dogs charity

Transport for Buckinghamshire’s (TfB) Contract Director was escorted around Aylesbury in vision loss simulation eyewear by representatives from the Guide Dogs charity, to provide him with an impression of what people who are visually impaired have to deal with every day.

The 'blind challenge' involved our Contract Director wearing three sets of glasses that simulate different visual impairments whilst negotiating the roads in Aylesbury. 

Speaking of the challenge, he said: "I decided to take up the blind challenge and see what I could learn to influence how we put our infrastructure out on the network.”

Transport for Buckinghamshire also donated three surplus pedestrian crossing ‘Wait’ boxes to help educate visually impaired children about road safety. These will allow the children to become familiar with the feel of the boxes in a familiar environment before experiencing them for real in the outside world. 

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