Essex Highways

Our Essex Highways contract is an award-winning, long term partnership with Essex County Council, one of the largest non-Metropolitan (‘shire’) counties. Working as an integrated team we manage, maintain and improve Essex County Council’s highway assets supporting the county’s strategic growth and wellbeing aims.

In 2015, Essex Highways was one of the first Local Authority/ Service Provider partnerships to achieve ISO 44001 for our collaborative approach to business relationships. By 2017, we had partnered Essex County Council in winning the prestigious national Transport Local Authority of the Year Award.

Essex stretches almost 60 miles from coastal Harwich, via rural countryside to suburban London. With 1.3m population, 5,000 miles of road, 4,000 miles of public rights of way, over 1,500 structures and more than 127,000 streetlights we deliver an integrated service in Essex which includes everything from planning and permitting to network management, communicating, inspecting, building and maintaining. 

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10 year + 5 year extension

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